Solberg Family Honduras Mission Trip Update

First of all we want to thank all of you who have supported our family’s Honduras Mission Trip efforts through prayer and through giving.  You are amazing!  The kids also have had lots of fun going door to door selling toilet paper for missions and sharing the love of Christ with our Tulsa neighbors (we’ve passed out a lot of Common Ground Church invite cards too!)  Oh, the passport process was real fun too! (not)  Anyway, this has been a true adventure!
With that said, we have a drop-dead deadline to meet.  That deadline is Sunday, May 31st.  At that time, we have to have earned $1,200 each to purchase the plane tickets for Honduras.  This isn’t all the funds we need, but it is what we need by Sunday.  As you can see from the thermometer below, at this point only two of us can go.
We have been stepping up our fundraising efforts up and will keep going until Sunday.  At that time, we will have to make some decisions.  So, with that said, if you find it in your hearts to help, I ask that you either contact us at or OR go to and click on the “giving” tab. Then click on “quick give”, choose “missions trip”, and specify in the comments that the donation is for Solberg-Honduras.


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