Be Intentional

It’s hard to believe that summer break is ending.  It’s time to trade in those swimsuits for school uniforms:  the pools are closing and the schools are opening.  Matt and Alyssa start school on Thursday and Madison makes her big splash into her senior year of high school next week.  Time goes by so fast, too fast.

I don’t know about you, but I spend far too much time looking forward to the next weekend or the next holiday or the next big thing instead of enjoying the moment that I’m in.   Each day is equal.  Each day matters.  Each day there are people to love, relationships to build and memories to make.  Memories can be made just by doing what you do every day, but doing it with more intention, with more laughter and with more love.   Why not roll down the windows, blare the music and cruise with your teenagers?  Why not dance in the grocery store or sing at the top of your lungs while doing chores?  Why not play in the rain or pretend your British and only speak “British” in a restaurant?  I want to do more of those things.  I want to make more memories out of the familiar so that I don’t spend my time waiting for the next big “thing”.  I want to know that I made the most of each moment.

So I challenge everyone who reads this to be intentional all day, every day no matter how seemingly trivial the task is that you are doing.  See, there is no trivial task.  There is only opportunity to make memories.  So summon your eagle powers my friends and go make some memories!



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